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What is the Alumni Association of UET TAXILA?
The Alumni Association OF UET Taxila is a dynamic link between UET Taxila graduates and University. The Alumni Association's mission is "to encourage, in partnership with the University, a lifelong relationship between alumni association and their university". The Association, a separate society being established under the society Act , makes its home at UET Taxila campus. On behalf of the Alumni Association, Alumni staff will work to deliver quality events, services, and communications aimed to stimulate interest, cultivate involvement in the prosperity of the university, and inspire feelings of loyalty and pride among alumni and current students.
How do I become a member of the Alumni Association?
Once you graduate from UET Taxila with a degree, certificate or diploma, you are automatically a lifetime member of the Alumni Association of UET Taxila. There is no annual fee. Welcome!
How is the UET Alumni Association connected with the UET TAXILA?
It is independent organization being established under the societies act and its council will be elected as per procedure of society act.
What can the Alumni Association do for me?
The Association can serve you in several ways. We keep you up-to-date with and connected to the University of Engineering Taxila wherever you live through this website. Alumni will publish online magazine which will be circulated free of charge to all Alumni members. Alumni will, • publish on line directory to find friends or update your information. • a permanent e-mail forwarding address in the form of [email protected] • travel and relocation advice from members around the world • business card exchange where you can advertise and search for services and products offered by alumni • career advice for current students and graduates from alumni mentors on-line, plus job and resume posting through Alumni website. The Alumni Services office will organize a number of alumni events throughout the year. Give us your e-mail address and we will send you an e-invitation to alumni events planned for your community. Email your address to [email protected] so that we can help you and your class organize reunions and social events.
What is an Alumni Benefits Card?
Alumni will issue Alumni benefit card to you. This card will give you access to a wide range of university services as well as many local business discounts. The card cost will be determined later and it will be valid for one year from the date of purchase or renewal. All new graduates of the University of Taxila will receive a complimentary card. For an up-to-date listing of all card benefits, keep visiting Alumni website. Graduates of other post secondary institutions are eligible to purchase an Alumni Benefits Card (some benefits excluded). Interested individuals will be required to show proof of graduation from this institution.
How can I get involved with my Alumni Association?
This is your university, your association, and your voice on campus. We welcome your involvement! Volunteer opportunities to become involved with the Association exist in almost any capacity and time commitment that suits you are available. There are opportunities to become an on-line community mentor, to sit on a committee, to help with university student recruitment, or to welcome new grads to the Association.. To speak to someone about how you can become involved, contact Alumni Association coordinator.
How old alumni before 2008 can get themselves registered?
The process is very simple. Just visit alumni webpage under the heading of main sites at Go to registration and fill the form. After filling the form take a printout and submitted Rs.1000 at alumni account # 19157900193503. Title of account is "Alumni Association UET Taxila". Send deposit slip by one of the following options which suits you best. (i) Send scanned copy of deposit slip Via email at [email protected] OR (ii) Send original deposit slip by hand or by courier at Alumni Office Administration Block UET Taxila.