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UET Taxila Alumni Association (UAA) was established in 2006 by Prof. Dr. M.A. Kamal with a vision to work for the development of UET Taxila alumni. UAA has a clear objective of bringing all UET Taxila graduates on a single platform by establishing a dynamic link between the graduates and the University. UAA provides a platform to its graduates to share their ideas and energies for the uplift of their university.
UAA ensures a respectable communication link amongst the alumni as well as between the alumni and the University. To provide an efficient communication link, the Alumni Office has developed this website to provide up to date information regarding alumni events. Furthermore, the UAA provides a platform for the betterment of fresh graduates by arranging seminars and job hunting events with liaison of Placement office. For this purpose, UAA requests that senior alumni visit the university frequently and show their willingness to provide support at Alumni Forum by giving lectures and sharing their experience with young ones.
UAA is a partner of UET Taxila, aiming to generate the resources to serve for the betterment and advancement of the university. Its objective is to create a rich resource base for the university with its huge reservoir of diverse talents and expertise spanning over areas like engineering, management and information technology. The aim of UAA is to build lifelong Alumni relationships with UET Taxila centered around loyalty, mutual cooperation and dynamic growth.
The UET Taxila Alumni forms an integral part of the University. This ever-growing body represents the shining stars of UET Taxila who achieved their goals in the career and are now celebrating high ranks in the society. The Alumni Association provides the alumni a platform to rebuild their memories with organizing series of events frequently.
The UAA provides an interface between the university and the alumni to provide any assistance that an alumnus may require. The Alumni Office organizes meaningful and enjoyable events and activities aiming to achieve the following objectives:
  • Promote a strong relationship between Alumni and UET Taxila.
  • Encourage the growth of UET Taxila in terms of its academic, administrative, cultural and extracurricular activities through appropriate programs which will be run by UAA.
  • Maintain an effective Alumni database, keep its records up-to-date and provide its access to all university users.
  • Provide financial support to UET Taxila and its programs through generating a fund.