Alumni Association UET Taxila

About Alumni Association UET Taxila

  The Alumni Association of UET Taxila is a dynamic link between UET Taxila graduates and University. The Alumni Association's mission is "To encourage, in partnership with the University, a lifelong relationship between alumni association and their university".
The Association, a separate society being established under the society Act , makes its home at UET Taxila campus.
On behalf of the Alumni Association, Alumni staff will work to deliver quality events, services, and communications aimed to stimulate interest, cultivate involvement in the prosperity of the university, and inspire feelings of loyalty and pride among Alumni and current students.
It is independent organization being established under the societies act and its council will be elected as per procedure of society act. The Association can serve you in several ways.
We keep you up-to-date with and connected to the University of Engineering Taxila wherever you live through this website. Alumni will publish online magazine which will be circulated free of charge to all Alumni members.